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This tool was created to change unicode Hebrew letters into English letters that when copypasted into Jostens the correct Hebrew text would appear.

Enter Your info

Davka Bodel or SPTiberian?

Copy Paste that Hebrew


  1. Enter the font you want, SPTiberian or Davka Bodel. If misspelled it will default to Davka Bodel.
  2. Paste or type in the Hebrew you need to Jostens-fy.
  3. Press Go.
  4. Copy the English text that just appeared under the second input box.
  5. On Jostens, make sure your already selected your font in the text box you are using.
  6. Right click and paste (Do not use Control or Command + V) your text.
  7. Enjoy.



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I like History, Math, Computers and Food. Website will progress when I think of what to put here.

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